Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Here... and it's Free

Never review your own work... even if... No! Make that especially if you don't want to be accused of having multiple personality disorder.

Besides... what do you say? I love my own writing? The best short story I've ever written?

It may all be true, but it sounds silly, conceited and self-serving, yes?

Of course it does.

Inside UNLOCKED: An Anthology you'll find a collection of stories by a group of very talented writers, some of whom are already published, all of whom are busy perfecting their chosen craft.

We hope you'll enjoy reading the stories as much as we did creating them for your entertainment and enlightenment.

...and a special thanks to authors Rita Webb and Wendy Swore for their hard work as anthology editors and organisers of the promotional pages and resources.

Gwendolyn McIntyre
Author of The Key to a Good Education
Friday, The 13th of August, 2010


You are under no obligation, but I would ask a boon of you, dear readers, which is: In exchange for this FREE book, I would hope that you might make a small donation to help Doctors Without Borders to help others.

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