Sunday, March 6, 2011

From The Land Of Misfit Manuscripts:Why Do Writers Abandon Novels?

Illustration by Ben Wiseman

In the 4 March 2011 edition of the NewYork Times, writer/author Dan Kois posits an interesting question in his essay piece: Why Do Writers Abandon Novels?

Whether you're still working toward that first publication or you're working on the fifteenth volume of your chapbook fantasy serial, I'm sure you have at least one misfit manuscript in your drawer or file of projects that were abandoned or forgotten that has at least a glimmer of hope left in it.

I recently came across a manuscript I'd put it in an envelope some twenty years ago and marked it; Do Not Open Unless I'm Long Dead and Buried

For the life of me I could not remember why, so I opened it, read the manuscript... and promptly ran it through the shredderIt was a good idea that had been badly executed.

Why I saved it I shall never know, except perhaps that the good idea was waiting for me to become a better writer.

How about you?



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