Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Fish Wrap

Greg Mitchell, the former editor at Editor&Publisher, has a good piece over at Huff Post entitled How I lost My Job and Thanks for asking.

In reading the comments following his article, it made me realise just how wrong it was for a publisher like Duncan McIntosh to be the owner of E&P. It seems plain that what Mr. McIntosh wanted to buy for himself was a piece of history, much in the same way that people have purchased earldoms and dukedoms in the past.

Taking the journal in the direction he wishes to move in will turn it into E&P, which after awhile will make it no more important a publication than Boating World or FishRap News, both of which are niche market publications.  Until this acquisition I'd never heard of FishRap, and I honestly doubt I will ever spend a pence upon it or BW.

I'm not going to give up on E&P. It's too important an industry standard-bearer, but I'll be over reading Greg Mitchell & Paul Strupp at E&P In Exile and praying that I don't see  that graveyard picture (in my previous post) in the press again any time soon.

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